Coming  out in 2016...

The Timbuktu School for Nomads
Across the Sahara in the shadow of jihad

In his third travel book, Nick sets out to meet the nomads of North Africa and discover what it means to be a nomad in the 21st century. More info to follow...

"Oh. My. God." One glimpse is enough to rip out my optimism - like someone came along and extracted it with a knife...
Nick's book about his travels in Iran and Afghanistan, runner-up in the 2011 Dolman/Authors Club Travel Book Award - Britain's top travel book prize.
"From the twinkling navels of Iran's illicit raves to the war-weary towns of southern Afghanistan, the adventure is brilliantly told: a compendium of humour, insight and scholarly detail, and an authentic love affair with Persian culture that outstrips time itself..."

Jason Elliot,
author of
An Unexpected Light
Mirrors of the Unseen
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A la barbe des Ayatollahs - the French edition of Drinking Arak off an Ayatollah's Beard, shortlisted for the Toison d'Or travel book prize.
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ALSO OUT... 'If indeed you wish to know wherein consists our great power, then believe without doubting that I, Prester John, who reign supreme, exceed in riches, virtue and power all creatures who dwell under heaven...'
"a sumptuous, entertaining and informative historical romp."
The Spectator   
'My first encounter with Prester John - priest-king of the Indies and trustee of the Fountain of Youth - took place in an intifada...'

In 2001, Nicholas Jubber travelled from Venice to Africa to deliver a medieval letter at the tomb of an Ethiopian king. Along the way, he and his friend Mike met Yassir Arafat and a Nobel prize-winning novelist, visited refugee  camps and Crusader castles, stayed on a Sudanese farm and partied in the nightclubs of Beirut. This is the story of a journey straddling three continents and ten countries,
 full of the exuberance of youth.
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