The Adventure-Book of Abu Dulaf

Zahhak and Jamshid\\
In Drinking Arak off an Ayatollah's Beard, Nicholas Jubber sets out in search of the world of Ferdowsi, the greatest of Iran's epic poets, whose verses are still recited in Afghanistan and Tajikistan as well as the poet's homeland. But what was it like to live in this time? The Adventure-Book of Abu Dulaf tells the tale of a young man growing up in late 10th century Persia, living in the shadow of a famous poet, taking part in brutal battles, encountering some of the brightest thinkers of his day and falling for a musky-haired maiden who appears to be as elusive as the moon...
Part One - Abu Dulaf learns a trade 
Part Two - Abu Dulaf finds something in the kitchen (coming soon)
Part Three - Abu Dulaf sets out on a journey (coming soon)