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Hillary Clinton made some key misjudgments as Secretary of State - notably in the Libyan fiasco (which President Obama conceded as the 'worst mistake' of his presidency). But considering Donald Trump has boasted of his business links with Colonel Gaddafi, his stock regarding North Africa isn't reassuring. Hopefully, he'll be too busy smooching with Putin and lambasting his Twitter critics to do any serious damage in the region. What's depressing, though, is the unlikelihood of any progress under his presidency. Solar power represents, I believe, Africa's key to future prosperity, and that's unlikely to receive support from an American administration run by a climate-change-denier. Considering how dangerous the world has become under the most progressive of US presidents, it's scary to think what the ripple effects of the next incumbent will be.

In the meantime, The Timbuktu School for Nomads is launching in the US - so if you're out there, and looking for something to take your mind off the election, please consider getting hold of a copy! I recorded an interview with Rudy Maxa, who hosts the most popular travel radio show in the States. He described the book as 'an exceptional travel book', 'travel writing taken to the extreme'. You can hear the interview here (it's on the second hour). 

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